The history

The centre is located in a typical  eighteenth century farmhouse in the River Platani Valley in the heart of Sicily. Although the farmhouses were quite small, they had numerous functions. They were homes for the farmers and their families who lived there in various periods of the year; they were storerooms where work tools, foodstuffs and farm products were stored; they also served as barns,  woodsheds,  kitchens and animal shelters.

The house is typical of local rural architecture. At the time, farmers built their modest farmhouses on rugged hills with a number of benefits. In this way, the house was constructed on statically solid bases, it was positioned so as to have the widest possible view without taking up precious cultivable land that was necessary for the survival of the family. In some cases the walls of the house were built out of the rock itself.

The restoration of the building has preserved its original features and structures.

The hangout

The historic house and estate has been restored as a country meeting place where one can learn about the history and beauty of the Platani river and it’s surroundings. The Ritrovo is a meeting point for various activities and excursions where one can participate in the study of environmental issues as well as rediscover traditional farming culture.

From the spacious terrace one can observe the flow of the river Platani and the simple but well designed  interior of the house can accommodate anything from gatherings to small conferences on the above mentioned topics. For these purposes the main room has been equipped with a LIM board.

The facility, along with sleeping quarters, comes complete with a fully equipped kitchen where one can see the original rock on which the building was constructed on.

Hikers and visitors are welcome to make use of the outdoor picnic area fitted with a wood-fired stove and barbecue. From the outdoor eating area you can go walk down towards the river crossing a beautiful olive grove.

The electricity on the property is  provided by an autonomous renewable energy system.


E’ possibile fare:

  • Hiking, horse-back riding, mountain bike riding along the river traversing old paths through the nature reserve of Monte Cavallo and surrounding countryside.
  • Camping
  • Activities in a natural and historically preserved setting.
  • Meetings, conferences and cultural activities.
  • Learning about local agricultural produce and local cuisine.
  • Initiatives to promote local culture and values.